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Nursing in the Sikh Community 

Since starting up in April 2015, British Sikh Nurses have carried out various community work and projects in India and the United Kingdom. We have taken part in sustainability projects in India and taught first aid to villagers in Uttarakhand, as well academic teaching in NGO Schools. 

We have been featured on the BBC Victoria Derbyshire Show, Easter Eye Magazine and MATV , as well as taken part in conferences and discussions around health  and mental health issues that directly affect the Sikh community. We have also worked in collaboration with many major Sikh Organisations in England and the Department of Health and Social Care, highlighting issues around organ and stem cell donation, mental health and general health and well being in the Asian community. 

Our mission and commitment is to help raise physical health and mental health awareness,  and education about maintaining positive well being and healthy lifestyle choices in the Sikh community and beyond.

With Wahe Guru's blessing ...Our work continues to grow....

British Sikh Nurses has also been featured on the BBC Victoria Derbyshire Show , Eastern Eye magazine , MATV and Akaal Channel . We have also been finalists at the British Asians Awards - Best In Medical category. 




London, UK

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