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Feeling Snookered

Snooker has been a cornerstone of English Culture since the 19th Century, and with the UK Championships commencing as we speak, we are all excited and apprehensive to see who will prevail.

We have already witnessed some titanic struggles and vigorous competition in the first few sessions of the UK Championships, which have challenged the mental acuity of both the players and the viewers. However, what many of us don’t realise is how playing Snooker can have a direct impact on actively reducing offending behaviour amongst Youths.

Betfred World Snooker 2017 Championship Official Programme - See page 76

New Academic Research for snooker. 

Snooker will be placed on the academic map for the first time following the ground breaking research that explores mental health in snooker. 

Media Coverage

New Academic Research for Snooker

Snooker will be placed on the academic map for the first time in June 2017 following the publication of a ground breaking new research study exploring mental health awareness in snooker and the positive benefits that the sport can offer.

English Partnership Boosts Development

The World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA) as the world governing body for snooker and billiards provides a valuable service to the World Snooker Tour by underpinning the development of the sport.

Pick up a cue! Playing snooker keeps your brain sharp and helps you relax

Playing snooker isn't just an enjoyable pastime - it can improve your mental health, new research reveals.

Popularised by the likes of Ronnie O'Sullivan, strategically concentrating on potting balls helps to improve focus.

Mental Health Preparation in Professional Snooker

August 24th 2017

With the start of the snooker season now in full flow, this article will focus on the basic mental health preparation for professionals in the sport. With a growing interest in mental health, it is important to consider the relevance of mental health in sport and this article pays particular attention to mental health in snooker. This article gives an outline for exploring and considering the mental health preparations for the elite snooker professionals at the beginning of the snooker season. 

A Focal Discussion of Mental Toughness in Snooker

June 9th 2017

Much of the professional game of snooker encompasses the notion of competition. Thus, the competitive nature of sport is surrounded by the thoughts of mental toughness in order to accomplish the best possible chance of winning. I present some elements that are focal to a winning mentality in snooker of which I have previously written for a former World Snooker Champion.

Mind Over Snooker

May 8th 2017

It’s quite poignant that on Mental Health Awareness week, that I have decided to discuss aspects of the positive contribution that the game of snooker could give to the professionals that play the game and to discuss the phenomenon of fear and anxiety around winning or losing in snooker. Alongside my research study in collaboration with World Snooker on an extensive research study around mental health awareness in snooker, I felt the need to explore aspects of mental health and well-being from the lens of snooker through the professional arena of the sport.

Published Discussions

Literary Accomplishments


Exploring aspects of cognitive development and mental health awareness as part of health promotional goal in snooker

June 1st 2016

Academic Literary Accomplishments

Published Work



Destined to be an educator, Rohit Sagoo, a Senior Lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University,  is known for his natural ability to explain abstract concepts in engaging, interesting and thought-provoking research around mental health, psychology and snooker. Rohit has published work that explores many spheres of health and well being. 
Rohit's published research around snooker and mental health has featured on BBC Radio Essex, Cambridge and London, and articles written in the Daily Mail and Cambridge News, as well as a feature in the World Snooker Championships 40th Anniversary Official Programme.

Rohit Sagoo

Senior Lecturer in Children’s Nursing @AngliaRuskin.

Founder of @NursesSikh.

Academic Researcher with @WorldSnooker1

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